Commercial Law

Commercial law is an additional practice area of KPN Legal.

In addition to general civil law, we advise in matters pertaining to real estate and energy law.

For real estate transactions and construction projects of all types we advise on contract design as well as permit and award procedures.

We are particularly experienced in EPC, delivery, and maintenance contract design for plant construction, especially power plants, as well as with questions regarding public permits. Our experience in claims management and handling of crisis projects enables us to settle disputes before courts and arbitration tribunals.

Regarding infrastructure projects, we have special experience with large urban development projects, such as the conversion of military and railway zones as well as shopping center construction. We support communities in launching these urban development projects or when investing directly in construction projects.

By the same token we can support clients with legal action against disruptive infrastructure projects in their vicinity.

We are happy to advise on all contract- and public law-related issues in real estate transactions, including questions relating to environmental liability at former industrial sites.