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Advice and support from Thomas Koeppen

Internal Investigations

Legal advice in internal investigations helps employees falsely accused and unjustly sanctioned.

Whether defendants or witnesses in internal investigations, clients turn to Thomas Koeppen for representation before the labor court in internal hearings, as well as to defend them from unjustified termination for alleged or proven violations.

Thomas Koeppen also assists companies in internal investigations so that decisions are made based on reliable facts.

KPN legal also conducts its own investigations into companies in the case of suspected misconduct within or outside the organization.

Practical experience

Thomas Koeppen has already assisted dozens of employees from IT, pharmaceutical and automotive companies as well as banks in internal investigations and court proceedings that have received much international attention. He has successfully defended his clients against false accusations in internal investigations before the German labor court and before U.S. authorities.

These included well-known "scandals" regarding things such as exhaust manipulation, interest rate rigging, copyright infringements and embargo breaches.

Thomas Koeppen is also called in for "classic" embezzlement and bribery claims, as well as allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Discretion is of paramount importance here, as it is the cornerstone of mutual trust.

Strengthening a positive culture of civil courage in companies

The employment status of whistleblowers in Germany is particularly precarious. That is unacceptable to us. We support people who expose illegal actions and misconduct within the company or hazards to people and the environment.
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Thomas Koeppen, German lawyer specializing in labor law.
Expert for Internal Investigations & Whistleblowin

Thomas Koeppen offers a protected environment for whistleblowers. Legal advocacy for whistleblowers has become a focus of his work.